Our members possess exceptional expertise, which the UFBJOP aims to support, develop and protect.

This intangible heritage also contributes to the prestige that France enjoys internationally. Promoting and passing on these professions, which draw on a combination of techniques used for thousands of years as well as on advanced technologies, is at the heart of the UFBJOP objectives.

Education and training

The UFBJOP oversees the Ecoles (schools) and appoints the governing bodies of the three establishments. Thanks to the UFBJOP governance, the Ecoles division operates at the very core of the industry, securing the close involvement of professionals who contribute to the development of a wide range of education and training options. The people in charge of the Ecoles division have seats on the UFBJOP board of directors, preserving the fundamental link between teaching staff and professionals.

Prix Lenfant

Since 2005, the Union has organised the national Jacques Lenfant award for outstanding French students in the BJOP fields. This major event is open to all educational establishments (colleges, schools and apprentice training centres) and takes place each year on the Union premises. Founded in 1980 by Jacques Lenfant, an illustrious Parisian jeweller and goldsmith, the prize continues the tradition of excellence in the field of French jewellery by celebrating the finest works produced by the students.banniere site l'enfant


Since the 1860s, the Chambre Syndicale (employers' federation) and its successor, the Union Française de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie, des Pierres et des Perles, have worked to continually enhance their library collection. Today, the collection is known by the name Bibliothèque Jacques Lenfant.

Thanks to an ambitious acquisition policy and the generosity of its members' donations, the library now boasts a collection of truly unique works, including books from the 17th and 18th centuries about the industry and its regulations (royal decrees, etc.), a complete edition of the Encyclopaedia of Diderot and d'Alembert, technical manuals, books on graphic and decorative arts, and even watercolour plates and old photographs of jewellery collections on which the collective memory of our trade is founded.

Joaillerie de France

Created in 2006, this label ensures the promotion of French savoir-faire and quality. It enables consumers to rest assured that the manufactured product meets the demands of good and responsible practice at ethical, social and environmental levels. This jewellery manufacturers' initiative endorses the values of the French jewellery industry and serves as a warranty that the products have been manufactured, assembled, set and polished in France.banniere site joaillerie