Taking up the mantle of its forerunner, the Corporation des Orfèvres [guild of goldsmiths], the Union Française de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie, des Pierres & des Perles (UFBJOP) is an organisation which brings together all the parties involved in the French jewellery, goldsmith, precious stone and pearl industry. It acts with respect to all dimensions of the trade and achieves this by successfully balancing its roles as a trade association, a training hub, a centre of expertise for gemstones and a champion of French excellence.

Because it has always considered the service and support that it offers to its members – which today include over 160 businesses – as two of its most significant obligations, the UFBJOP is entering a new stage in terms of its pursuits. After taking into account all the issues relevant to the professions it encompasses, it decided to develop new activities, namely the Ecoles BJOP (BJOP schools) and the Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie (French gemmology laboratory) in 2011.

The 24 professions represented by our organisation rank among the 217 professions accorded the status of "métier d’art" (arts and crafts professions) in France. Our members design and manufacture exceptional products which contribute to France's prestige. Each technique, each action bears testimony to that vision which ensures the reputation of the French jewellery industry as a sector of excellence. It is this very expertise - the result of combining techniques tried and tested for thousands of years with rare and precious, advanced technologies - which the UFBJOP aims to support and pass on to future generations in light of the changes we face today.

Though steeped in history, UFBJOP has worked to ensure that the industry has its sights firmly set on the future. Global competition, new technologies, competitiveness, organisational changes and economic developments are all challenges which need to be faced and which call for new collective projects. The UFBJOP, a unique crossroads for the entire industry, is thus rallying its forces to further promote and develop the trade. After all, the world deserves to benefit from our expertise in ensuring that "Beauty" is created and produced in ways that are both traditional and modern.


Daniel CAMBOUR, President

Bernadette PINET-CUOQ, Deputy President