Thanks to the relationships it maintains with the administration and parliament, the Union has access to opinion leaders that enable it to make the case for its positions in discussions with public authorities.

The Amicale Parlementaire de la Bijouterie et de l’Horlogerie (French jewellery and watchmaking parliamentary association), which is run by the Union and its partners, and the Cercle de l’Ecrin think tank, founded by the Union, are important vehicles for articulating the expectations of the industry. With several events taking place each year, these arenas make it possible for the Union to establish key relationships and promote the interests of its members.

A gateway to institutions

The UFBJOP teams are in constant contact with the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, the French Ministry of the Interior and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. At the European level, the Union plays an active part in consultations on the regulatory development of ministerial decrees. It intervenes on subjects as diverse as payment periods, the REACH regulation and the transportation of valuable items.

Amicale Parlementaire (French parliamentary association)

Watchmaking, jewellery, goldsmithing and the precious stone and pearl trade are professions which form an integral part of France's heritage as far as aesthetics and culture are concerned, yet they also represent an important and dynamic economic sector. Defined by their creativity, art, craftsmanship and industry, these professions have been practised in every region of France for a millennium and ensure France’s prestige on the international stage.

The UFBJOP brings together the vast majority of professionals responsible for the reputation of a sector that includes as many as 4500 businesses. These businesses provide training to the highest level of expertise and employ 16,000 people with a turnover of 2.6 billion euros before taxes and an export rate of 40% in 2011. The sustainability and development of these activities thereby represent an important stake for the country, which fully justifies the creation of the Amicale Parlementaire des Métiers de la Bijouterie et de l’Horlogerie (French jewellery and watchmaking parliamentary association).

The association's purpose is to bring together parliamentarians and professionals with a view to promoting regular exchanges and an optimal flow of information, the concerted development of suitable and favourable regulations, and the effective anticipation of developments on the European and international scenes.