In 2009, the Union joined the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an international association which sets out to establish ethical practices within the industry.

As a member of the RJC, the Union aims to inform and raise awareness amongst its members about social and environmental issues. In 2007, the Union signed the industry’s ethical charter, drafted by the Conseil interprofessionnel de la Bijouterie et de l’Horlogerie (inter-professional jewellery and watchmaking council). This charter sets out the good practices to be followed by businesses within the jewellery and watchmaking sector, namely the respect:

  • For consumer information and protection
  • For the fundamental rights of people who carry out manufacturing work

Acting out of respect for the environment

The Union supports businesses with issues of sustainable development, which represent a principle concern of the trade. It works closely with non-governmental organisations to open up dialogue between civil society stakeholders and professionals within the sector in order to identify solutions that address the growing expectations of the general public. Together with the RJC, the Union promotes the principles of a jewellery industry that is environmentally aware and that practices sustainable development.

  • Environmental labelling

Environmental labelling must inform the consumer of the environmental impact of the life cycle of a jewellery piece. In anticipation of forthcoming regulations that will be introduced as a result of the French Grenelle 2 law on the environment, the UFBJOP considers issues and problems for the industry in this regard. 

  • Responsible Jewellery Council

At the request of its members, the UFBJOP became an associate member of the Responsible Jewellery Council in June 2009. Founded in 2005, this international non-profit organisation is tasked with promoting responsible environmental and social practices as well as respect for human rights throughout the gold and diamond industry from the mine to the shop window.

To obtain the associated certification, commercial enterprises that are members of the RJC are required to have their activities audited by an independent audit firm accredited by the RJC and to ensure the implementation of responsible practices.

Through its membership, the UFBJOP effectively acts as a French gateway for information and support with regard to the RJC certification process.